Nagaki is the written and spoken language of the Naga. Currently around 800,000+ speak it.

| NagakI њψð QIKðғŒ ρғçQ INQIKç δINgғa Qњ Naga | IaŒ INðњΛ 800000 ψarIç Iψ |


a = a

B = b

K = c

Q = d

њ = e

V = f

g = g

J = h

I = i

K = k

δ = l

Π= m

N = n

ç = o

r = p

ρ = q

Λ = r

ψ = s

ð = t

ғ = u

Y = v

W = w

ϋ = z


There are no double letters.

r/Λ and z/ϋ can never follow each other.

There is not both upper and lower casing, only a single one.


δINgғa çV Naga њψð YaδQњ

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