A classic Male Demon

This page is all about Demons. Demons live in the Underworld. Not all demons are in fact evil. Demons are in an eternal war with Angels.

Life ExpectancyEdit

The Average Demon lives 10000 years.

The Oldest recorded Demon was 10000 years old.

The Oldest natural Demon was 10000 years old.


Can teleport in groups of 12 or more


Can morph into several other demonic creatures


Transmorph takes around 6 seconds.

Human-like in appearance but are pure red in color and have small spine bumbs on there spines and horns. They also have pure black eyes.


Morphs into several different kinds of demonic creatures.

1.) Demonic Dog 2.) Gaseous Cloud 3.) Tentacled Blob 4.) Winged Demon 5.) Black Serpent


Demons have much the same command as Angels do. Like a dictatorship, their is a central command group which controls every aspect of Demon life.


Main Leader - The Demoni

2nd in Command - ArchDemon


All demons must follow rules set by The Demoni and the ArchDemon. If they disobey any rules set by them, they are executed publicly. The title of The Demoni is passed on through a battle between The Demoni and the competitor. If The Demoni wins he continues to be The Demoni, if the competitor wins, he/she is appointed as the new Demoni. The ArchDemon is appointed by The Demoni, and a new ArchDemon is usually appointed at the end of the former Demoni's rule.